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Carla Bombi

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Until May 2019 I was a research associate in semantics/pragmatics at the University of Potsdam. In 2017, I joined the research group Exhaustiveness in embedded questions (ExQ), led by Malte Zimmermann (Potsdam) and Edgar Onea (Graz). The group, which is part of the priority program, investigates the exhaustivity properties of questions from an experimental and cross-linguistic perspective. My prior work looked at the expression of definiteness across languages, with a particular focus on Akan – a Kwa language spoken primarily in Ghana. I am also interested in demonstratives and how they are expressed in Spanish and other Romance languages.


2017 – 2019Research associate, University of Potsdam (Germany)
2014 – 2017MSc Linguistics, University of Potsdam (Germany)
2011 – 2014BA Linguistics, University of Cambridge (UK)


Bombi, C., M. Grubic, A. Renans & R. A. Duah. 2019. The semantics of the (so-called) clausal determiner in Akan (Kwa). In M. T. Espinal, E. Castroviejo, M. Leonetti, L. McNally & C. Real-Puigdollers (eds.), Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB) 23, vol. 1, 181–199

Bombi, C. 2018. Definiteness in Akan: familiarity and uniqueness revisited. In S. Maspong, B. Stefánsdóttir, K. Blake and F. Davis (eds.), Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 28, 120–140.

Benz, A., Bombi, C. and Gotzner, N. 2018. Scalar diversity and negative strengthening. In U. Sauerland and S. Solt (eds.), Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB) 22, 191–203.

Master's thesis

Bombi, C. 2017. Definiteness in Akan. Master's thesis, University of Potsdam.


Bombi, C. Semantics of el … este: Leaner demonstratives in Spanish. Talk held at the 30th Colloquium on Generative Grammar, June 30–July 2, 2021, Barcelona (UAB)

Fricke, L., C. Bombi, C., D. Blok and M. Zimmermann. The pragmatic status of strong exhaustive readings of embedded questions. Talk held at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS), March 4–6, 2020, Hamburg

Fricke, L., C. Bombi, M. Zimmermann and E. Onea. New evidence for intermediate exhaustive readings of wh-questions. Talk held at 2019, September 19–20, 2019, Cagliari

Bombi, C. Decomposing definiteness: Are anaphoric definites really anaphoric?. Talk held at the Syntax-Semantik-Kolloquium of the Universität Potsdam, 29 January, 2019, Potsdam

Bombi, C., Grubic, M., Renans, A. and Duah, R. The semantics of the clausal determiner in Akan (Kwa). Talk held at Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB) 23, September 5–8, 2018, Barcelona

Bombi, C., Grubic, M., Renans, A. and Duah, R. Clausal determiners in Akan (Kwa). Talk held at The Semantics of African, Asian, and Austronesian Languages (TripleA) 5, June 27–29, 2018, Konstanz

Bombi, C. Definiteness in Akan (Kwa): familiarity and uniqueness revisited. Poster presentation at Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 28, May 18–20, 2018, MIT

Fricke, L., Bombi, C., Onea E., and Zimmermann, M. Exhaustivity of wh-interrogatives embedded under German wissen 'know'. Talk held at the 19th Szklarska Poreba Workshop, February 23–26, 2018, Szklarska Poreba (Poland)

Bombi, C. and De Veaugh-Geiss, J. P. Quantitative data in the field: A case study on Akan. Poster presented at Linguistic Evidence 2018, February 15–17, 2018, Tübingen

Benz, A., Bombi, C. and Gotzner, N. Scalar diversity and negative strengthening. Talk held at Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB) 22, September 7–10, 2017, Potsdam

Events, academic service, awards

2019 – nowEditor (with Radek Šimík) of the special collection Definiteness and referentiality at Glossa
2019Co-organizer (with Radek Šimík) of the workshop Sorting out the concepts behind definiteness (41st Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society/DGfS, Bremen, 2019)
2018Graduation award – best master's thesis university-wide (Absolventenpreis): Definiteness in Akan